Rolando Garibotti


Rolando first visited El Chaltén at age 15 to climb Aguja Guillaumet, when the town had a solitary, empty house. Since then he has climbed in the surrounding peaks relentlessly, accomplishing the first complete ascent of the north face of Fitz Roy in 1996, the first ascent of Cerro Torre from the north in 2005, and the first ascent of the Torre Traverse in 2008. He is an avid photographer and writer, having published in publications such as Le Monde (France), The Observer (UK), Gazetta dello Sport (Italy), National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Outside Magazine, as well as climbing magazines from around the world. He works as a mountain guide, practicing that profession from Antarctica to Alaska and from the Alps to Vietnam. He is the author of Patagonia Vertical, a climbing guidebook to the Chalten Massif.

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