María Laura Iribarren


María Laura Iribarren “Mela” is an enthusiastic naturalist. Since 2003 she lives in the mountain village of El Chaltén. She is part of the park rangers staff in Los Glaciares National Park. She has carried out exhaustive surveys of the high Andean flora in the mountains in this National Park and other areas of the Patagonian Andes. Her training in tourism and her profession as park ranger have guided her to travel and work in many natural areas in Argentina as well as in Australia. Mela has made excellent didactical material about mountain environment conservation and she has been involved in the development of many natural interpretation trails. Mela has also coordinated the research, design and start of the visitor’s centers in the National Park office in El Chaltén. She is co-funder of COA (bird’s watcher club) and an active member of this institution. Mela shares her passion for nature through many environmental educational programs for local children.

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